Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paris Latest: French Postcards circa 1900 ~ 1920s

Here's a preview from a collection of real photo, French postcards circa 1900 ~ 1920s, recently purchased in Paris. I have begun posting these wonderful photographs as eBay listings, both as auctions and store items with the "buy it now" option. 

Postcards continue to be for me one area of ephemera filled with fascination and discovery. My first serious collecting interest was American "roadside" postcards: diners, roadside attractions, small town main streets. That collection was light years away from the first day I stepped into the narrow alleys filled with crumbling dealer stands at the Marche aux Puces in Paris and the then, almost mythical world, of "French" postcards.

Images that I have not previously seen, new faces and figues, variants of emulsion surfaces, the bizarre and the unusual are what always keeps postcards fresh and intriguing. Included in the latest listings are marvelous images of youthful nudes, the exceptional model Fernande, photographs by the Agelou Studio, Ostra Studio, Walery, Yva Richard Studio, Grundworth and much more. Click here for the "Latest from Paris". Included in this post are some of the most recent listings.

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Parisian model Fernande in her youth, photograph by Agelou, circa 1915

Above and below: three marvelous images with the Lydia marque, circa 1915

Unusual and seductive unretouched photograph by Agelou, circa 1915

Always time to read! Exceptional photograph by Grundworth, Paris circa 1925

Just so lovely!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

French Nudes ~ Cabinet Cards circa 1870s~1890s


In the early years of the commercialization of the nude in photography one of the most popular formats was a roughly 3.75" x 5.5" photograph mounted to a "cabinet card". The initial concept of the cabinet card was to mount a family photograph or portrait of a loved one to thick card stock so it could be displayed in a "cabinet" next to other cherished family possessions. As a convenient way of preserving, and in a sense, market illicit nudes to the public, the cabinet card mount (and other sizes of cards for smaller and larger format photographs) became conventional. Here from a collection purchased in Paris are some fine examples, a few with subtle hand-tinting, from the 1870s to the 1890s.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York Photo Show: Scene At The Fair


It was an excellent New York Photo Show this past weekend at the Lighthouse on 59th Street. Wonderful to see so many old and new faces at my stand (above with my assistant Sasha) during the two days of the show. Once again many thanks to Steve Yager and his team for all their hard work and efforts. See you next year! 

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Promo for the exceptional Brooklyn Boys book at the Big Kugels stand


Monday, March 31, 2014

Next Show: New York Photo Show April 11 & 12th

Sasha Stone female nude. Photograph appeared as the cover for the folio Femmes
published in Paris,1933. Signed lower right in red ink and rubber stamped on the back.

My next show is the annual New York Photo Show, April 11th & 12th at the Lighthouse exhibition space on East 59th Street. Previewed here are some of the photographs I have expressly reserved, and will be offering for the first time, at the show. Show details are here. As in previous years, this is the same weekend as the AIPAD Photo Fair at the Armory on 67th Street, just 8 blocks from the Lighthouse venue. I look forward to seeing you there.

Prices on request. Click any image to enlarge.

Album d'Etudes Poses. Collection of composite studies of the human form. Photographs by Louis Jean Baptiste Igout, circa 1870s. Published in Paris by Calavas. The finest example of this type of album I have seen, all images fresh in appearance, exhibiting excellent contrast.

 Two photographs of strippers by Roswell Angier from his book 
A Kind of Life. Conversations in the Combat Zone. Arguably the best images in the book; exhibition prints titled, dated and initialed by the artist 1974.

 Stylized photograph by Manasse aka Olga Vlassics. Vienna late 1920s; typical studio and agency stamps and notations on the back.

 Roger Schall photograph for the Diana Slip Lingerie Company 
Paris circa,1932

Classic boudoir photograph, circa 1925 sepia toned nude by Julien Mandel

Parisian beauty and music-hall performer Jickriss, circa 1925
Photographer unknown

Yva Richard Studio. Nativa sitting on the hood of her car. Studio rubber stamp 
on back, Paris circa 1925

 Monsieur "X" private photograph of prostitutes Paris, circa 1925

Elmer Batters circa late 1950s. Photograph for American girlie magazine; 
additional photographs by Batters available